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(Updated: May 28, 2017)

We, the US. pay more than any other country to NATO. That means we were fleeced to pay more for this butt ugly building than any other country. Only 5 of those countries pay the amount they agreed to. NATO costs are in addition to American Defense Costs. This means we are picking up most of the military defense tab for countries such as Germany which fails miserably to pay its fair share.

btw, Germany spends over half its income on social programs. We sacrifice so they can play God and Benefactor to their indigent. WHY SHOULD THAT BE SO? We bailed them out of WWII and we get to piggy back them forever??? Time to close that gravy train and close more of our bases there.

Thank Trump for bailing out of the Global Warming scam. We'd be carrying the bulk of the costs for that too.

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