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Comey Admits He Leaked Trump Memo to Media Through Intermediary
Conservative News
by Leading    

Actually, what he did was use the U.S. government as a political weapon. He used a far left alinksy 'college' as his vehicle. Something an FBI director should certainly be aware of. IT wasn't cuz he was 'scared' or 'confused' or anything else. It was a willful act of treason using nefarious channels and nefarious elements. What it was, was an attack on the AMERICAN VOTER.. The government of an by and for... And the guy they ELECTED en masse, doing as close to what he said he would do as the people decided to ELECT HIM.. This makes it an attack on the people, using saul alinsky radicals, lying and subverting to do it.
Using his own testimony it is time to level the cannon and fire with extreme prejudice.. The guy belongs in Prison for the rest of his life. And yes-- "INTENT" is obvious..

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Greg Hamlin Written by Greg Hamlin
June 09, 2017
What is going on is Comey trying to save his own ass.Still doing the bidding of Obama.He didn't do anything to Hillary or Obama.Now he is trying to get Trump impeached. Comey was either black mailed or just trying to help those in the dem.party.Either way he should have resigned or been fired.What ever Trump may have done personally nothing.He does not deserve what is happening.Truth is theese hateful attacks against Trump are also attacks against us.Those that support him.For one second do not think otherwise.The liberals in this country hate us with a passion.God be with us.
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