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Confirmed: Today's Gunman Was an Anti-Trump Leftist
Conservative News
by Mid-Day 1    

he was radicalized by the mainstream media’s obsession with conspiracy theories , fake news , lies and unnamed sources ! this what is happening with the MSM pimping this shit to there viewers ! whats next ? we all know that msm is the attack dogs for the corrupt Obama/Clinton cartel known as the left and they are pushing this kind of hate and it needs to stop ! this is terror tactic the left wants and America dose not need this at all ever ! we have had eight years of Obama pitting whites and blacks ! supporting the war on cops ! shipping ms-13 all over the country ! letting illegals in with not knowing who they are making our military week ! letting our jobs leave ! making us weak in the eyes of the world ! stacking our courts with people that have a agenda that is not supporting Americans ! and now there people are targeting our own people just like ISIS !! the left needs to quit with this and tell there supporters that this is not how things work and address the issue right a way and quit this the lies and fake news !

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