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Driver Mows Down Six French Soldiers At Military Barracks
Conservative News
by Mid-Day 1    

The Supreme Court’s 1973 decision found that the woman’s “human right” to abortion at any time of pregnancy “emanated from the penumbras of the Constitution” – a remarkable turn of that sick imagination. Similarly, Hitler’s holocaust of 6 million Jews also emanated from the penumbras of the Hitler’s Constitution – with one exception: he only killed 6 million Jews while our Supreme Court helped murder 57 million children in 43 years so far, with no end in sight, with this mass murder being amply subsidized by taxpayers’ money ($530 million/year just to Planned Parenthood). The real name of those mass murderers should be Unplanned Parenthood. Another surprise emanated from the same penumbras giving the right to marry and draw tax advantages to the homosexuals and lesbians. And how about the rights of pedophiles to marry several boys at the same time? Patience comrades – it’s coming soon!
And what about the role of our Main Stream Media which, in full service to B. Hussein Obama’s interests, failed to report the details of the Ambassador Stevens’ fate whereby he was captured alive, stripped naked, sodomized with a broom handle, got his balls cut off, paraded through the streets on a two-wheel carriage, and then finally executed by a bullet in the head, his body thrown into the city garbage pile, before it was returned to that “consular” post for our contemplation (as per an independent Lebanese journalist’s report, with film – now scrubbed from the Internet). No attempt was made by the Libyan jihadist government to intervene in those celebrations. This 9/11 anniversary Al-Qaeda attack was fully supported by the jihadist government installed in power by Obama’s active approval and by the illegal use of the US Navy and Air Force bombs; that government failed to intervene then, and later it has failed so far to look for and find those jihadist terrorists.

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