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Poll: Obama to leave office as the most admired man in America
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by Breaking    

I just finished reading the first 20 pages of comments on this article. Of the 100 comments that I read, every single one was negative. Every single one was of the opinion that the poll was totally bogus, total BS. Not one person had a good word to say about Obama. I can only assume they took their poll at a Snowflake convention. SMH LOL

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Elnora McCarthy Written by Elnora McCarthy
January 13, 2017
Obummer most admired??? I may throw up. Getting him out of office is the first thing on our road to recovery. Of course, he isn't out yet--- and it wouldn't trust him to not do something spectacular to cause him to stay in!!!! He is the worst president, worst leader, worst liar, worst loser, that I have ever seen. And I have lived thru every president since FDR. All have had their good and bad moments, and have made their mistakes, but Obummer has NOT had any bad moments, and HAS NOT made any mistakes, and is the most admired---- according to his private poll. Goodbye LOSER, to gently into the night-- FIGHTING, KICKING, SCREAMING AND CRYING ALL THE WAY!!!!
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