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The pathetic excuse for a limp writes fruit boy who wrote this and the bill dyke idiots who some time ago posted the Entire incoming male class as as Rapist need two things the first is a parachute the second is kicked out over any war zone. Let them see what Military persons go through then see if their right to be TOO STUPID TO LIVE is worth it. Anyone who Serves should be given first pick of the school they want and the school should be proud of having them. Sadly it is IDIOTS like this UTTER FOOL that run so called places of higher learning. They are not places of learning they are IGNORANCE FARMS from what the examples I gave and what has been going on at Universities and Colleges of Ameica since the 60's. This person needs found in whatever hole the coward is hiding in and thrown out of America stripped of their Citizenship(Congress can take it away) and dropped into China with nothing but what they are wearing when found. Let us see how they like living in the Commie Nation they so love or drop them in Venezuela where Socialism rules and people are starving to death because there is no food. People are also being killed for far less than this kind of STUPID. See if after a few weeks if they live that long how fast they beg to be allowed back into America and when they can carry the books of any and every military person who wants to go to their school. Pukes like this one would NEVER last in the world the supposed teachers(professors by name)claim is so wonderful and if they were in such a place they would run screaming away from there because the paying for everyone else to do nothing and not being able to fix it would drive them and the so called Educators running or gunning to stop that type of STUPIDITY from spreading. I for one say find him or her shoot them and end everyone's misery of having to hear or see their IGNORANCE all the time.

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