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Report: Obama won’t sit idly by if Trump ends DACA
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by Breaking    

What crime has a person who was brought to this country as a child by his parents committed. By Trump's logic, if a parent is stopped for illegal driving, his kids should also be jailed. If your father goes to prison, so do you.

This new order is cruel, stupid, and creates unnecessary suffering for millons of people, dreamers, their parents, their families.

Just as none of us chose to be born in the US, these people did not choose to come to America but were brought here by parents seeking a better life (the American Dream).

To most Americans, and the rest of the world, Trump and his supporters are world-class assholes. Most Americans, according to polls, support a path to citizenship for those who chose to come to the US without papers. How much more we support their children, who had no say in the matter and are, for all practical purposes, Americans. The crime is not of these people but of a nation that denies them legal status. Even those serving in the military will be deported. Evil!

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6 results - showing 1 - 6  


6 results - showing 1 - 6  
Eric J. Martindale Written by Eric J. Martindale
September 04, 2017
I understand the desire for compassion, but you may change your mind if you ever live along the US-Mexican border. Parents ship their adolescent children across the border by the container load, so they can get illegal jobs, send money back to Mexico, and help smuggle in the rest of the family. Yes, that is true. As a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton, I have done several ride-alongs with the US Border Patrol, and I believe we need to dispel the myth that illegal immigration is the magical, romantic practice, whereby Mexican down-and-outs simply want to live the American Dream. The reason many of these people are coming across, or sending their children, is because they are violent felons, have no desire to apply for a work Visa legally, or cannot apply, because they are repeat offenders. ...not all, but many. DACA and other programs give incentives for people around the world to circumvent our laws.

Further, this is not simply an issue of Mexican immigration. It is about all illegal immigration. You may benefit from reading some of the reports from DHS about the Middle Eastern and North African illegals coming across the Mexican border in droves. DACA doesn't just apply to Mexican immigrants, it equally protects illegal immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Columbia, etc. - countries that intelligence sources around the world have confirmed to be attempting to infiltrate with terrorists and narco-criminals. You may think a fifteen year old is "cute" here in the US, but in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are often battle-hardened at that age, and harness a visceral hatred for America and Western ideals. I have spent two years of my life in those countries, and their "youth" need to be taken seriously.

It is nice to have compassion; but when you make blanket concessions, you protect not only those you deem "worthy" of protecting, but all of those who mean to do us harm.
George Durdin Written by George Durdin
September 04, 2017
What don't you understand Dale? President Obama admitted before he established DACA that he did not have the authority to bypass Congress and our immigration law to create a program for this youth group and then did it anyway. Obama created this mess just as he did with Obamacare, gay marriage, the Iran Nuclear Deal which is another North Korea looming in to the future and dumped it on President Trump and future Presidents to deal with. Our country was created on the basis of the Rule of Law, which Barack Obama consistently ignored or broke while in office. Obama was the most lawless and corrupt president in American history. Those 800,000 youth are not US citizens, know they are not citizens and have done nothing to ask for citizenship or joined the military to gain citizenship, so their fate is in their hands. President Trump should just allow DACA to expire and let Congress and ICE deal with obeying Federal law.
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Dale Ruff Written by Dale Ruff
September 04, 2017
Compassion is based on knowledge. You are badly brainwashed by fake news:

On 24 October 2016, the Conservative Daily Post published a badly-jumbled article that was a mish-mash of information gleaned from other conservative publications, which themselves rehashed a legitimate 16 August 2016 news report about cross-Mexico migration by people from outside the continental Americas:

An official report was released on Monday, stating that 6,342 “Special Interest Aliens” have been captured. This report shows just how bad it has gotten at the U.S.-Mexico border. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency recently endorsed Donald Trump, and now we know why.

Federal U.S. Agents working on the border in immigration facilities have detained over 6,000 Islamic aliens. Conservative Tribune confirmed this in a recent report on the state of our crumbling borders.

Adam Isacson, An analyst at the Washington Office in Latin America pointed out the specific location the jihadists where able to enter from. The Department of Homeland Security has acknowledged this glaringly weak area of Tapachula in the past, yet has failed to take any real action. It is an area that terrorist groups could easily use to funnel in weapons, ammunition, drugs, and sex slaves.
For starters, Tapachula lies on Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala, not on the U.S.-Mexico border. Further, there is no “official report” or credible media report that 6,000 “Islamic aliens” have been detained by U.S. agents. The information was apparently gleaned from conservative web sites such as Breitbart and the Conservative Tribune, both of which used misleading headlines (Breitbart: “Thousands of Middle Eastern Illegal Immigrants Busted With Forged Papers at Border; Conservative Tribune: “6,000 Muslims Cross Southern Border, All Caught With 1 Alarming Item). Both publications cribbed their stories from a report by Reuters that did not report what those sites claimed.

According to Reuters, U.S. agents had been sent to Mexico’s southern border to vet 640 migrants from countries outside the Americas who were being held there. Further, Reuters reported that 6,342 migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East were apprehended by Mexican authorities trying to enter that country in the first six months of 2016.The figures were accompanied by a similar growth in migrants from outside the American continent attempting to enter the U.S. along its Southwest border, but the report made no mention of the migrants’ religion nor stated that they were all using forged papers" (snopes)

What crime has a child committed who is brought here by his parents? Should people be punished for the crimes of their parents or for actions over which they had no choice?

There is not even one example of such a child committing an act of terror. The Federal Bureau of Prisons reports that of 14,000 murders in 2011, 8 were by undocumented immigrants.

The idea that Afghanstan or Columba are tryng to "infiltrate with terrorists and narco-criminals' is laughably absurd.

You are badly brainwashed, my friend. You are, in effect, promoting hate speech, rhetoric which promotes discrimination, persecution, and/or violence against people based on ther background, in this case, people brought here as children and who have grown up in America, many serving in the military, whose only desire is to be allowed to work and support their families.

I realize you believe the lies you have been told.......but please educate yourself beyond the fascist anti-immigration movement and join your compassion with knowledge. You would learn for instance that the advice to "get in line for legal entry" is an absurdity.

"for unskilled workers, the numbers of visas, both permanent and temporary visas that we have available, is incredibly low. We have five thousand green cards that are set aside every year for workers in what we categorize as unskilled occupations.

MONTAGNE: That's for everyone in the world?

Mr. JOHNSON: Everyone in the world. And, because those numbers can't be dominated by any one country, Mexico, our neighbor to the south, has access to the same number of visas as Mongolia.

MONTAGNE: Let's talk about waiting times. When it comes to how long it takes to get in--if one has a connection with an employer--what's involved and why such a long wait?

Mr. JOHNSON: Most of the wait time is for permanent green cards. That's where you see wait times of five, seven, ten years. Temporary visas, the wait time is shorter. An employer could get access to an employee in a much shorter period of time--somewhere around, maybe six months to eight months. There the problem isn't the wait time. The problem is the availability of the visas.

In any given year, we only allow 66,000 non-agricultural workers to come into the United States temporarily. They are available only to industries where they have seasonal needs--places like ski resorts, or hotels and restaurants that are only open during certain times of the season. But for the rest of the work force, the unskilled work force, restaurants who are open year-round, meat packing plants, construction industries--there is no temporary visa that's available to those industries." http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5404217

Save your outrage not at children brought here by parents seeking a better life but at those fascist assholes lying to you!
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Dale Ruff Written by Dale Ruff
September 04, 2017
Last updated:
September 04, 2017
What don't you understand about criminalizing people who were brought here as children and have broken no laws being punished with deportation? What part of the criminality of laws that deny legal status to children and punishes them for the "crimes" of their parents?

"Everything that Hitler did was legal' Dr. King

When the laws themselves are criminals, or create criminals out of innocent people, it is our duty to stand up against such laws. I would suggest this is what Dr. King did, what Obama did.

"All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke, founder of modern conservative philosophy.

Join the good people seeking to protect those who have committed no crimes, denied legal status by criminal laws. This is not about your disapproval of Obama, who did SOMETHING to keep evil from prevailing but about opposing an act of immense stupidity and cruelty.
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Brad Stewart Written by Brad Stewart
September 04, 2017
Wrong again, Ruff.
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Dale Ruff Written by Dale Ruff
September 04, 2017
I admire your brilliant logic!
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