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DACA population could double to 1.9 million illegals
Conservative News
by Mid-Day 1    

DACA needs abolished and all those here illegally should be sent back to where they come from. For those who are born here to illegals they can either take pictures, fingerprints, and a DNA Sample and send them back and they can return when 18 without parents or the parents can sign their parental rights to the child over to someone who is legally here. All those here illegally and committed a crime they are to be done as follows 1) Picture taken if not already done, 2) Take fingerprints if not already done, 3) Take DNA Sample.4) Lastly send them back where they came from with a shoot on site order if they return. If they return and are later caught with anyone those people get the same punishment and deported while the criminal gets a bullet to the head.

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