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'We’ll shut down gov’t if Dream Act fails
Conservative News
by Mid-Day 1    

Demo-rats don't seem to work for the USAS people who elect them, so let the government shut down and then ship them to another country and let them live there, but they don't go with their bank accounts or support from us. They have been sitting on their back sides for years without providing for the American people but have sure padded their own pockets, wallets and bank accounts. No work no pay, every day your not working they should make you pay back a portion of your income rather then just days wages one at a time. Why do you want illegals here anyway taking away jobs that could belong to Americans. Let them go home and reapply to come here legally, what is that so hard to do. Our parents came here legally, they learned our language, worked their way up the ladder, and helped to build America great. The illegals need to go home and reapply and come here legally, it is unfair to the American people handing them everything. OH some of them work, some went to school, but how many of these 800,000 have committed crimes, rape, killing, stealing, drugs, DWI, etc., these should have been sent back long ago, never to return to our soils again. Do you see any of the countries around the world allowing us to just live and work in their country without proper papers. NO so why should we??? Luis you do not represent the people who elected you, you represent evil, corruption and are not worth to hold your office or to be representing the American taxpayer here in USA..so why not .pack up and leave our land and try finding employment in another country, bet you wished you'd made better choices here in America.

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