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What's the batting average for people who had their weapons taken away and then given back and killing innocent people? And what is the batting average for people who were put on watch lists, then taken off and then they kill innocent people?
Were there more innocent people killed before Homeland Security was formed, or have there been more since it has been formed? The numbers just don't work out. If one looks at most of the people who were on the radar before they killed others in these rampages it appears that almost each one looks sort of crazy to begin with. My last question, Has Homeland Security actually prevented any killings? It appears our government manages to close the gate just after the killers get out the fence. Is there a pattern here?

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Jon Stellabott Written by Jon Stellabott
January 08, 2017
Yes it's called Incompetence. Is it any wonder why American Citizens do not trust The FBI, The Cia etc. They have become so political that they can't do the job we hired them to do. We need to stop the P. C. BS. Let these people do the Job that our TAX Dollars are paying them to do.
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