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American Warships Fire Warning Shots At Iranian Vessels
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Attacking American ships in international waters is an act of war. History repeats itself.
When Thomas Jefferson was inaugurated in March of 1801, he inherited troubled relations with the Barbary states — the Ottoman Regencies of Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli, along with independent Morocco. The United States had treaties with all four, but tension was high and rising.
American representatives in the region wanted an American naval presence. They regularly, if less eloquently, echoed the 1793 view of their colleague in Lisbon: “When we can appear in the Ports of the various Powers, or on the Coast, of Barbary, with Ships of such force as to convince those nations that We are able to protect our trade, and to compel them if necessary to keep faith with Us, then, and not before, We may probably secure a large share of the Meditn trade, which would largely and speedily compensate the U. S. for the Cost of a maritime force amply sufficient to keep all those Pirates in Awe, and also make it their interest to keep faith.”1 The new president was fully aware of the situation.

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Brady Harness Written by Brady Harness
January 09, 2017
Only problem is that President "I'm a Bad Ass" is still the Mad Dog in office and will never hurt his ISIS/Muslim Brothers!!! Let the Bastards try it when the American Patriots President is in Our White House and those F's will know that they have NO bed mate in Our White House any longer!!! Those IDIOTS in the med east will be playing a New Ball Game when once again we have an American President and their Pansy!!!
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