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Special Report: The CIA Threatens Trump!
Today's Political Blabber
by Breaking    

YOU watch your foul attitude Mr. Schumer... you were blessed with another term by NY voters... Do NOT dream about another, as I am going to start a campaign to throw you out of the Senate
TOE THE LINE of what your constituents want you to do, and never mind your egotistical threats to President-elect Trump...
YOU work for US, the People of America... act like it , or by God you will be FIRED !! and share a cell with Sheldon Silver...

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Bob Written by Bob
January 09, 2017
Well Andrew, I think there are Senators and Representives from all the states that have out stayed the stay there in DC. They have all developed a nasty attitude and it seems the long they keep getting re-elected the worse they get.
See they don't want new faces in the House and Senate because it interrupts the evil they are messing with!
What the problem is that the folks voting for these crooks are being buffaloed into believing all their crap and then they get re-elected.
TERM LIMITS will be the only way to end their bull crap! It's going to talk a complete overhauling of every department in the Federal level heck the state levels need cleaning out good as well. In my state we have so much that running the citizens right out of the state.
The state in 2015 lost well over 15,000 families that moved to other states!
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