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You Won’t Believe Who’s REALLY Behind Fake Trump/Russia Ties Claim
Today's Political Blabber
by Breaking    

Sen. McCain is my Senator. I cannot understand why he would do such a thing! He need to apologize to
Trump and to the American people. He seems to be extremely hostile to our next President instead of getting on board and helping move us all forward. I feel sorry that he has done this. He should think of retirement and IF he does not change, he will never get my vote again.

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Ken Blitchington Written by Ken Blitchington
January 11, 2017
Elizabeth and other McCain voters-please do yourselves a favor and google McCain and the pow/mia. Read a little and then ask yourself why McCain would insist that all pow/mia records would be sealed until far into the future. Can you imagine having a relative still missing from the Vietnam War and being unable to access any information because it's still classified? Why would that be so important to a former prisoner of war that no one else can look for information on their relatives that were not realeased?
Former Army Officer that fought in Vietnam.
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Elizabeth Sweet Written by Elizabeth Sweet
January 11, 2017
That is horrible! Why would he? Families have the right to know!
Thank you for the info. I hope all Arizona voters and all Americans learn about
Brad Stewart Written by Brad Stewart
January 11, 2017
Check this link out, Elizabeth. McCain is a traitor. Please don't vote for him again and share this with your friends. Thank you. http://truthuncensored.net/john-mccain-exposed-by-vietnam-vets-and-pows-as-a-liar-and-a-fraud-video/
David Wolters Written by David Wolters
January 11, 2017
Mc Cain does not have my support he is a rino
4 results - showing 1 - 4  


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