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Reviews written by RetroGuy

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RetroGuyRetroGuy   August 15, 2017

Atifa is nothing more than a domestic terror group-most already know that and it is time it got shut down.

RetroGuyRetroGuy   August 13, 2017

Hate and dissent, something the Dems have been sewing since the Civil War when they formed the KKK and when they now sew hate against Trump-things haven't changed much...look at...

RetroGuyRetroGuy   July 25, 2017

Perhaps we'll have to render Brenner to another country for interrogation purposes...plenty of former intelligence agencies would be willing to get their hands on him and would be willing to...

RetroGuyRetroGuy   July 11, 2017

Illegals have long enjoyed the fruits of this nation which is why Mexico fights so hard against any kind of reform in this country-why should they when we feed, clothe...

RetroGuyRetroGuy   June 17, 2017

They should be investigating the LEFT, the DEMS and other colleges which eliminate freedom of speech and encourage violent protests and vandalism and beatings of innocent bystanders.

RetroGuyRetroGuy   June 12, 2017

More BS from the corrupt left who are hell bent on destroying Trump-MD is one piece of anti-freedom garbage [I sold my vacation condo there refusing to spend another dollar...

RetroGuyRetroGuy   May 17, 2017

In its day, it used to be a champion among newspapers. Unfortunately, like many of its cousins, it has become a rag, trying to stay alive by scrabbling after...

RetroGuyRetroGuy   May 17, 2017

It's amazing the amount cash being raised via Obama's army [primarily through Soros -even Mrs. Clinton is getting involved] to chip away at Trump. I've never witnessed such intense...

RetroGuyRetroGuy   May 16, 2017

The anti-Trumpers were frothing at mouth, ready to climax in their pants at the thought they could immediately impeach him...I have never seen such a collection of Brutus' circling Caesar,...

RetroGuyRetroGuy   May 16, 2017

And who would these pinheads replace him with, Michael Moore? I'm so tired of these pieces of sewer sludge wasting airtime and the Ethernet; I have a vacant island...

28 results - showing 1 - 10  
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