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Reviews written by J. Badillo

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J. BadilloJ. Badillo   August 03, 2017

Every time I see or hear this Michael Moore MORON talk or say anything it just makes me laugh. Anybody who wants to know what the living image of stupid...

J. BadilloJ. Badillo   June 20, 2017

It just goes to show the mentality of most Democrats in Congress, nothing but liberal evil a-holes. “All Americans, regardless of party, agree on the fundamental principle that no...

J. BadilloJ. Badillo   June 03, 2017

Trump “an idiot”? I disagree Jeffrey Sachs, you are the one that's living in a dream world, and therefore the "idiot". Free lunch is OVER, and from now on America...

J. BadilloJ. Badillo   May 27, 2017

This old hag is the living image of stupidity, and we all know that stupid can NOT be fixed! How sad and embarrassing it is to see a woman...

J. BadilloJ. Badillo   May 14, 2017

So who gives a rats ass about liberal democrat communists lately? They have become a liability to this country, and their votes means nothing to the benefit of this...

J. BadilloJ. Badillo   March 24, 2017

I can NOT trust this RINO Paul Ryan, beware people, he is a self serving snake!

J. BadilloJ. Badillo   March 16, 2017

Well done Mr. President, well done! Cut the pork fat at every corner there is. GO TRUMP!!!

J. BadilloJ. Badillo   March 03, 2017

"the values of the American people" Just what is it that this hog knows about values? and what kind of "American people" is she referring to? This woman has NO...

J. BadilloJ. Badillo   February 25, 2017

Jorge, you are letting your balls do the thinking and your ass the talking, shut up moron!

J. BadilloJ. Badillo   February 25, 2017

It just goes to show the sickness going around with governors like this idiot Dannel Malloy, ten to one this moron has pedophile or homo tendencies.

16 results - showing 1 - 10  
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