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Reviews written by Diane Janovyak

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Diane JanovyakDiane Janovyak   April 22, 2017

Our government is maid up of morons. Mayor Rahm cannot protect blacks in Chicago, but he can go out of his way to protect illegals. That...

Diane JanovyakDiane Janovyak   March 17, 2017

LOL! What a joke. I would not vote for her if she were the only candidate, nothing but a racist and bigot.

Diane JanovyakDiane Janovyak   March 10, 2017

Paul Ryan does not care about the American people and healthcare.

Diane JanovyakDiane Janovyak   March 07, 2017

He is a Muslim who keeps his wife oppressed. Hillary bought and paid for him to sprout his BS at the DNC.

Diane JanovyakDiane Janovyak   February 27, 2017

Kimmel is a wanna me something who does not have an original thought or idea in his useless body. I did not watch because these people do not...

Diane JanovyakDiane Janovyak   February 24, 2017

The UN and human rights is a joke, all you have to do is look around the world. The UN could give a shit about anyone's human...

Diane JanovyakDiane Janovyak   February 15, 2017

So Michael Moore wants the Whore of Islam (bought and paid for my Saudi Arabia) to be president. This man is mentally challenged and needs to be put away...

Diane JanovyakDiane Janovyak   February 12, 2017

Moore you are a pitiful loser. You should be tired of all other countries sh*ting on American citizens by continually taking money away from the American people. ...

Diane JanovyakDiane Janovyak   February 04, 2017

Let all the Muslims fly over to England and let the Brits take care of all of them. The WORLD HAS NO RIGHT TO TELL AMERICA what...

Diane JanovyakDiane Janovyak   January 29, 2017
(Updated: January 29, 2017)

Islam is a religion of intolerance, they want to hurt others but want no one to hurt them. Look into a Mirror dear leader of this...

13 results - showing 1 - 10  
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