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Reviews written by Dean Webb

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Dean WebbDean Webb   June 16, 2017

YES, OBAMA/Clinton/Kerry and HIS Administration are to blame for the mess we have in the US and the world and I cannot believe people think HE was a great...

Dean WebbDean Webb   June 06, 2017

Screw AL and the Jackass he rode in on A HATER

Dean WebbDean Webb   June 06, 2017

Liberal Whites/Democrtats HATE themselves

Dean WebbDean Webb   March 26, 2017

The Left/Democrats/Liberals/ Black Lies Matter Are responsible, and need to spend a few days in jail They are the ones causing trouble Maybe they...

Dean WebbDean Webb   March 25, 2017
(Updated: March 25, 2017)

The UK has been over run with people from the Euopean Continent since joining the EU There is a Kebab shop on every corner in London ...

Dean WebbDean Webb   March 22, 2017

London os infested with Muslim Immigrants Living off the English people And The Government keeps welcoming more

Dean WebbDean Webb   March 22, 2017

Now the Taxpayer, has to try this person/persons, pay for their meals/ etc for 10 or more years What a deal for us.

Dean WebbDean Webb   March 21, 2017

More trash for California Hope it falls into the Sea

Dean WebbDean Webb   March 20, 2017

Yes, Prosecute these people Withhold funds 100% Congressmen/ women, should be tried for treason They are destroying this country, not living up to their oath to protect...

Dean WebbDean Webb   March 14, 2017

Deport these people/ send them home or put them building the wall- hard labor

17 results - showing 1 - 10  
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