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Reviews written by Bill Hooper

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Bill HooperBill Hooper   July 27, 2017
(Updated: July 27, 2017)

Harvard really is a great university and a necessary voice of reason/sanity !

Bill HooperBill Hooper   July 27, 2017

More Paranoia-Vending [for $ PROFIT $] LIES and Fascist Propaganda from those Nice SHITS at Blabber Buzz !

Bill HooperBill Hooper   July 21, 2017

As if the Odious Spicer wasn't Bad Enough,President Donald the Orange Turd Trump adds tothe White House Dog Shit Pile with Huckabee Sanders!!1 REVOLTING

Bill HooperBill Hooper   July 08, 2017

Donald Trump,PROVING ONCE AGAIN(As if Further Proof were Needed !)that he is a Vile Sack of SHITand a Sick Embarrassment to America.

Bill HooperBill Hooper   June 25, 2017

TRAGICALLY,Sanders may be Correct,but Millions of the Lower-Middle,Working,and Poorer Classes DEAD: What Could be a Bigger THRILL for the G.O.P.,Koch Brothers & Trump ??!!

Bill HooperBill Hooper   June 23, 2017

Forth the BEST in Paranoid/Conspiritoid Dementia :BLABBERBUZZ !!!!!

Bill HooperBill Hooper   June 18, 2017

Jay Sekulow stops short of the Whole Truth : Donald Trump has NO KNOWLEDGE [Except of what is Profitable for Trump !!!]

Bill HooperBill Hooper   February 12, 2017

Yes,AMAZINGLY,BLABBER BUZZ got something Right ! !!!! (Can my heart take it??): Liberals and Decent,Human Beings of All Political Outlooks are Revolted by the I.C.E.'s raids ordered by the Repulsive...

Bill HooperBill Hooper   January 28, 2017


Bill HooperBill Hooper   January 26, 2017

It appears that President Pena Nieto ,unlike the Bloated Festering Orange Boil we must currently call President of the U.S. has some INTEGRITY

21 results - showing 1 - 10  
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