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Reviews written by Gary Lee

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Gary LeeGary Lee   April 22, 2017
(Updated: April 22, 2017)

They do if the break the rules of their DACA program... Personally, I think they need to deport them all; even the ones brought here as children. If they're deported...

Gary LeeGary Lee   April 21, 2017

Well Daily Beast, if there hadn't been terrorist attack after terrorist attack and anarchy in the streets in some parts of Paris and other cities - all perpetrated by Muslims...

Gary LeeGary Lee   April 17, 2017

Many already know what this is really all about. Google, Facebook, and Tweeter are attempting to use the concept of "fake news" (and keeping it off of social media) to...

Gary LeeGary Lee   April 10, 2017

"White phosphorus is not illegal under international law except when used on civilians....

Gary LeeGary Lee   April 08, 2017

I'm grateful to President Trump for letting ICE do it's job and round some of em' up. That being said; with 11 to 20 million illegals in the country -...

Gary LeeGary Lee   April 08, 2017
(Updated: April 08, 2017)

And right after Buzznet released the article of the “Top 30 World’s Most Beautiful Women Of 2017”( with H. Clinton and Mow-chelle Obama on it) the staff proclaimed the dope...

Gary LeeGary Lee   April 05, 2017

Nothing should be free. Pay your dues through hard work, blood, sweat, and tears..

Gary LeeGary Lee   April 03, 2017
(Updated: April 03, 2017)

Their chief complaint is that Gorsuch hasn't put in enough effort." Translation: He didn't kiss their rear ends, knell at their feet, and then solemnly promise to always defend ever...

Gary LeeGary Lee   March 29, 2017

4 key Leftie traits: 1) Laws don't apply to us unless we like em' 2) Don't believe what you see, believe what we say. 3) We are free to criticize...

Gary LeeGary Lee   March 29, 2017

Women shouldn't get slack cut or any special dispensation when they are being rude a-holes. That is true equality..

58 results - showing 1 - 10  
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