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Reviews written by Pat Summers

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Pat SummersPat Summers   January 16, 2017

Well, since they're probably not working, they might have the time to be paid by Soros to be animals and protestors. It would be so nice if they had the...

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Pat SummersPat Summers   January 11, 2017

Donald makes good choices, but I am leery of Obama's appointees. We do know that Donald will make people toe the line or they get fired. Good Luck, let's...

Pat SummersPat Summers   January 09, 2017

soon to be EX-president Obama is doing and excellent job of PROVING what a TRAITOR and MUSLIM SYMPATHIZER he is. I can hardly wait to see HIM IN GITMO, He...

Pat SummersPat Summers   January 05, 2017

Great, Pick one, let the millions that you have invited into our country skate. POS

Pat SummersPat Summers   December 30, 2016

Fat chance. Trying to salvage your "legagy" Too late. It's already been FLUSHED.

Pat SummersPat Summers   December 29, 2016

What a sore loser. Hillary sabatoged herself. Don't blame Russia. Obama's a FOOL

Pat SummersPat Summers   December 28, 2016

According to HIMSELF ONLY!

Pat SummersPat Summers   December 14, 2016

Typical, A Friday during the Christmas break. That Traitor will try ANYTHING to ruin our country. If Obama wants it, RUN. Thank GOD he will be gone in a...

Pat SummersPat Summers   November 23, 2016

Brilliant deduction, Thanks for sharing. Some of us have ignored their bias for years.

12 results - showing 1 - 10  
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