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Reviews written by Patrick Paes

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Patrick PaesPatrick Paes   January 17, 2017

slam dogg a punk to the end !!! A slam dogg ,going no where you couldn't roast your grand mother ,all mouth, shit bag dogg still haven't learned or even...

Patrick PaesPatrick Paes   January 13, 2017
(Updated: January 13, 2017)

John Mc Cain ,should step down ,for the betterment for the people and the state of Arizona ,and if you don't step down ,you should be recalled ,or impeached ,and...

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Patrick PaesPatrick Paes   January 09, 2017

I think it is time to dismantle the CIA, When you make threats to the President elect ,and misrepresent yourselves ,in the highest form ,by working against the American...

Patrick PaesPatrick Paes   January 04, 2017

I was for scraping it ,but you need to weed out a lot of unsaviory characters ,murders ,war mongers ,and all around trash even though they wear 3 piece...

Patrick PaesPatrick Paes   December 28, 2016

I always believe that Gallup was full of shit ,now I am sure of ii.

Patrick PaesPatrick Paes   December 24, 2016

this really need no comment other than it is a stupid remark ,she has nothing to do about the situation @ hand ,however this feminist remark is taking her hate...

Patrick PaesPatrick Paes   December 24, 2016

you have only had one season of disappointment,we have had 8 years ,8 years dumbo ,8 years,pack your bags and just go ,that"s your legacy 8 yrs of disappointment"s...

Patrick PaesPatrick Paes   December 21, 2016

I like to see O and Putin put the gloves on like in Rocky ,and watch on tv from Russia instead of letting this liar get us ...

Patrick PaesPatrick Paes   December 15, 2016

If Schumer doesn't want to play ball ,he could find his simple ass on the outside looking in ,when it comes time for Donald Trump to drain the Washington Swamp....

9 results - showing 1 - 9  


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