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Reviews written by Larry Cowden

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Larry CowdenLarry Cowden   May 15, 2017

Maybe she should be force fed those lunches that were thrown away! Reality in the face can sure change a person's mind!

Larry CowdenLarry Cowden   April 21, 2017

Maybe the morons on that station would sing a different tune if someone came in shooting employees and hollering Allah Akbar.

Larry CowdenLarry Cowden   April 18, 2017

So how was this to be forcibly implemented without bloodshed? These managers denying people their rights to purchase a home or rent where they want to? Mandatory applications for all...

Larry CowdenLarry Cowden   March 23, 2017

I have yet to see or speak to any so called millenial that had the brains to pour piss out of a boot with the instruction written on the heel...

Larry CowdenLarry Cowden   March 13, 2017

Make public all names of those that were responsible for the shutdown, and withhold ALL pay and allowances until such time as they end their stupidity! And for many, that...

Larry CowdenLarry Cowden   March 10, 2017

The outcome of all this simply confirms the growing suspicions the American public has known for years. Big Brother spying by the government to maintain control of the people by...

Larry CowdenLarry Cowden   February 16, 2017

Takei just lost another fan! The extent to which he lied and falsified Trump's policy was out past PLUTO! There are no internment camps! And Takei seems to...

Larry CowdenLarry Cowden   January 25, 2017

Time to spank the monkey and tell him where to shove his banana! The US must pull out of this now! It has not been ratified by congress, nor can...

Larry CowdenLarry Cowden   January 23, 2017

Brainless TWAT! Can't speak a single sentence without her "like" verb! Typical liberal female knows nothing about guns and would piss her panties if someone actually showed her...

Larry CowdenLarry Cowden   December 29, 2016

Catch them and execute them! Trump is well aware of the homegrown nigger islamics like the one above. That is why the push to halt all immigration from places...

17 results - showing 1 - 10  
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