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Reviews written by Marion Tinsley

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Marion TinsleyMarion Tinsley   March 20, 2017

Just arrest the Mayors and any cone else in the municipal gov't that are violating FEDERAL Law and then cut of ALL federal funds to the cities/towns until they begin...

Marion TinsleyMarion Tinsley   March 14, 2017

I get so tired of liberals claiming that because we kill terrorists that inspires more muslims to become terrorists. Sorry but it doesnt. You have to be an...

Marion TinsleyMarion Tinsley   March 13, 2017

Another democrat who thinks women are to stupid to do anything without being told to by the gov't.

Marion TinsleyMarion Tinsley   March 13, 2017

Let the dems shut down the gov't. Make sure everyone knows it every time an open mike happens

Marion TinsleyMarion Tinsley   March 06, 2017

How about the just STFU for one day. Just one day.

Marion TinsleyMarion Tinsley   March 02, 2017

Remember what the dems said about 10 years ago. Foodstamps and welfare are great boosts to the local economy!

Marion TinsleyMarion Tinsley   February 24, 2017

Bernie looks like the crazy old guy down the street. Sadly I do believe he has some sever psychological problems in need of treatment.

Marion TinsleyMarion Tinsley   February 22, 2017

And just were is it written that courts can dictate state expenditures to a private corporation> The order is illegal and all of these judges should be removed.

Marion TinsleyMarion Tinsley   February 19, 2017

He's rotting in hell where he should have been a very long time ago.

Marion TinsleyMarion Tinsley   February 18, 2017

We already knew the left is racist. Who do you think faught to keep slavery, passed all of the jim crow laws and tried to vote down the civil rights...

16 results - showing 1 - 10  
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