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Reviews written by Dennis Anderson

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Dennis AndersonDennis Anderson   January 18, 2017

Has the UN been defunded? Did Obama give that money all ready for the fake global warming? I heard from Trey Gowdy we pulled Obamas executive teeth? BLAH - BLAH...

Dennis AndersonDennis Anderson   January 18, 2017
(Updated: January 18, 2017)

Obama must have something on all of you slime in Washington to get away with what he has. He should have been jailed years ago.Come on Washington you can tell...

Dennis AndersonDennis Anderson   January 17, 2017

Well good get your skank welfare collecting, food stamp munching greasy @$$es out of our business and out of our country. You dead beats seem to think were going to...

Dennis AndersonDennis Anderson   January 14, 2017

Obama how did muslim terrorists make it to Mexico? This is to much I understand that the gunmen are in there teens? Ill bet there is a connection to your...

Dennis AndersonDennis Anderson   January 09, 2017
(Updated: January 09, 2017)

Washington if youre no smarter than this we want our money back. Is the mid east already running our government?? It appears so how you can put Obama and the...

Dennis AndersonDennis Anderson   January 07, 2017

You know I am way past democrats? Why dont you take some of that lead we cant manufacture into bullets anymore and sink yourself with it! Its about hacking and...

Dennis AndersonDennis Anderson   January 03, 2017

The Russians hacking the DNC / Wikileaks going after them in real time.They go after these people for hacking. No one is focusing on the messages that will put somebody...

Dennis AndersonDennis Anderson   December 30, 2016

Under age girls and boys? Someone needs to be behind bars on this one. What used to be statutory rape now is a ticket and a fine in front of...

Dennis AndersonDennis Anderson   December 30, 2016

Yes call it what it is terrorism and let the american people arm themselves.You moderates need to start turning in the radicals if you want to stay here. Take your...

Dennis AndersonDennis Anderson   December 29, 2016

If we were to judge Obama with his very own sharia law?? There wouldnt be anything left to cut off.

19 results - showing 1 - 10  
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