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Reviews written by Dennis Anderson

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Dennis AndersonDennis Anderson   July 03, 2017

Obama has always been involved. Hes the new Lefttenient behind. Thats it Obama give them a light and they will follow it anywhere.

Dennis AndersonDennis Anderson   June 23, 2017
(Updated: June 23, 2017)

So I look at this as a succession from the union good you keep Johnny Dipshit Depp with you as well. Were cutting off Jerry Fairy Browns government money....

Dennis AndersonDennis Anderson   June 21, 2017

Oh my Eric the Hair Lipped Holder running for president? YOU DONT WANT TO GO THERE BUDDY. When Trump finally throws off the Obama regimes shackles he better be long...

Dennis AndersonDennis Anderson   May 30, 2017

If the recent denied mexican food stamp clientele were to do this they would be at Machu Pechu. Snorting cocaine and playing head ball. If she were to do this...

Dennis AndersonDennis Anderson   May 27, 2017

As far as the Clinton Cartell is concerned they will take down Obama as well. Our government cant be that stupid, and they cant beleive that were all stupid....

Dennis AndersonDennis Anderson   May 08, 2017

Hey you didnt build that somebody else did.

Dennis AndersonDennis Anderson   April 30, 2017

These people dont take our laws serious because of our past president. There is nothing to keep this rat bastards from killing us. There is no deturrent the death penalty...

Dennis AndersonDennis Anderson   April 29, 2017

His own people should realize this fat little cherub is lacking something mentally. It is the reason why he took out his half brother. No one is talking about the...

Dennis AndersonDennis Anderson   April 29, 2017

I mentioned that we should lay land mines and patrol with drones. You can let your cayotes pick up the peices of your cayotes. The united states owes you nothing...

Dennis AndersonDennis Anderson   April 23, 2017

Its amazing all of these MUZZ they can look straight at you and lie. Theres nothing going on here thats illegal? Get them the hell out of our country....

53 results - showing 1 - 10  
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