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Reviews written by John Kunjukunju

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John KunjukunjuJohn Kunjukunju   June 11, 2017

A thorough and impartial investigation is a must to bring out all frauds.

John KunjukunjuJohn Kunjukunju   May 28, 2017

This immature and lunatic guy, I call modern Hitler, needs be taught a lesson before it is too late.

John KunjukunjuJohn Kunjukunju   May 14, 2017

Mere waste of time. Admitting that Russia meddled with US election is an admission that the USA was so feeble and unprepared before Russia; In other words it admits directly...

John KunjukunjuJohn Kunjukunju   May 07, 2017

Certain comments such as below, makes the sense that a fool called comedian and the President of the USA is treated at par as mere, "employee". This is...

John KunjukunjuJohn Kunjukunju   April 20, 2017

What is Obama's relevance, particularly in a foreign country like France? Probably he is wooing them to incline to Islam.He destroyed USA and wants to do the same elsewhere. Be...

John KunjukunjuJohn Kunjukunju   March 30, 2017

Moor is thoroughly wrong: Human extinction process began with same sex union.

John KunjukunjuJohn Kunjukunju   March 26, 2017

Yes, divided Republicans brought shame on all those who supported the party till now. If they cannot come together for a bill holding on to their own ego and vindictiveness,...

John KunjukunjuJohn Kunjukunju   March 22, 2017

This is not fake news; it appeared in KYW Radio today. The President was and is, right. Instead of tweeting he must order an investigation and if found guilty all...

John KunjukunjuJohn Kunjukunju   March 14, 2017

UN is a failure-utter disaster. All the member nations must share the cost. What is the share of Russia, India, Great Briton, Soudi, and such other wealthy nations? ...

John KunjukunjuJohn Kunjukunju   March 10, 2017

If the explanation given in this article is correct, it not affordable to seniors, esp with low income. How Senator Ryan come up with an Utopian bill like this? What...

54 results - showing 1 - 10  
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