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Reviews written by Larry Hyak

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Larry HyakLarry Hyak   March 29, 2017

Deported to where???........These two clowns are going to be involved with real and active terrorism in areas where they will not be controlled or watched...sounds like trouble on the hoof...

Larry HyakLarry Hyak   March 20, 2017
(Updated: March 20, 2017)

Is there any doubt now that the US school systems are in as much need of repair as is the rest of this untrustworthy government we now call representative...Kids this...

Larry HyakLarry Hyak   March 19, 2017
(Updated: March 19, 2017)

5 to 1 on the dollar.........How much oversight is being insisted on to account for the ...grant? This sounds like a premeditated scam from the left to...

Larry HyakLarry Hyak   March 19, 2017

This conspiracy is collusion by the DNCommunist, the left, libs and elites by employing the use of the illegal special interest government workers union the SEIU....this is exhibition will be...

Larry HyakLarry Hyak   March 16, 2017

D'ya tink he was there to join in the St Patty's day parade.......I do not tink so.....Being a crook is just his way of doing biz......

Larry HyakLarry Hyak   March 07, 2017

Soros is a waste of time and money to all involved, if the women who fall for this line of dood-da thinking receive no monetary stipend directly from this pandering...

Larry HyakLarry Hyak   March 02, 2017
(Updated: March 02, 2017)

Ignore the premise and Sessions should tell these whiners and drama queens to pound salt, he can do this because encountering a diplomat is common, Frank is a bald face...

Larry HyakLarry Hyak   February 27, 2017

This is not news but confirmation of what has been said all along but the hate of free speech by the MSM and their awkward support for the quashing PC...

Larry HyakLarry Hyak   February 26, 2017

To much marching to the left, left, left and it's all downhill for the DNCommunist Jackass Party...there will be much use of the Obama army of Alinsky thugs but the...

Larry HyakLarry Hyak   February 15, 2017

Going to the Unified Nutz and pushing to have Jerusalem become the capitol of Israel will set off howling and threats from the cult terrorist from around the world......palestine will...

33 results - showing 1 - 10  
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