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Reviews written by Norman Erwin

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Norman ErwinNorman Erwin   August 22, 2017
(Updated: August 22, 2017)

So, ANTIFA will boycott and stage demonstrations at all NFL Games until the NFL agrees to change their (they call it racist) team names. ANTIFA, an appendage of the...

Norman ErwinNorman Erwin   August 19, 2017

Just another reason I do not want my tax dollars going to funding for the arts.

Norman ErwinNorman Erwin   June 18, 2017

OK Angela. Might not want to go down that road. Imagine a double duty tax on BMW and Mercedes imports into the US.

Norman ErwinNorman Erwin   June 15, 2017

Sooo sick of the Dems who are hell bent on obstructing the Trump Administration. It is becoming ever harder to keep a civil tongue toward them. Now where...

Norman ErwinNorman Erwin   May 04, 2017

Of course he does not regret what he said. A pile of sh** smells bad too and possesses no civil humanity. It therefore will never display any regret...

Norman ErwinNorman Erwin   May 02, 2017

What goes around - comes around.

Norman ErwinNorman Erwin   April 30, 2017

So, since he is so into labels, how about we refer to him as an A$$ HOLE. Any wonder why President Trump did not attend this glorious event? ...

Norman ErwinNorman Erwin   March 20, 2017

Thank you President Trump. Time for a fair and balanced UN. This is a good start.

Norman ErwinNorman Erwin   March 02, 2017

So, Who's supplying the manual labor here on our turf - knocking over headstones in our cemeteries? (sleeper cells?)

Norman ErwinNorman Erwin   February 28, 2017

Rosie's birthday - Born Mar 21, 1962 - Send her a birthday card saying how glad you are that she was born and suggest the same right to others who...

13 results - showing 1 - 10  
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