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Reviews written by Richard Kubena

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Richard KubenaRichard Kubena   July 05, 2017

So, CNN has made a not so veiled threat against a private citizen and made that threat on their program for all of America and the world to see in...

Richard KubenaRichard Kubena   July 01, 2017

The next law that California and states that have the same attitude as the liberal ran government of California will be that business's that sell ammo will only be allowed...

Richard KubenaRichard Kubena   June 29, 2017
(Updated: June 29, 2017)

"Crazy Mika and psycho Joe are engaged to be married." Of course psycho Joe agrees with crazy Mika, he has to if he wants to get some poon-tang. ...

Richard KubenaRichard Kubena   June 28, 2017

Of course those that were polled were probably most likely leftist/liberals/snowflakes, I don't know of anyone personally that has ever been polled about healthcare.

Richard KubenaRichard Kubena   June 15, 2017

Mid-Terms 2018, the final cleansing.

Richard KubenaRichard Kubena   June 15, 2017

This investigation that is being led by ex-FBI director Comey's good friend Mueller and Mueller's "chosen ones" can be likened to a dog that is chasing its own tail. ...

Richard KubenaRichard Kubena   June 10, 2017
(Updated: June 10, 2017)

What the hell ! Didn't Comey just perjure himself before a committee and also stated the he was the source of the leaks plus not to mention that President Trump...

Richard KubenaRichard Kubena   June 08, 2017

Right about now the left should be in a total tailspin headed for a crash and burn with no parachutes to bail out with.

Richard KubenaRichard Kubena   June 03, 2017

So, the DNC has a malignant tumor that is stuck in their gut and giving them a bad case of the sh-ts.

Richard KubenaRichard Kubena   June 01, 2017

Another south of the border down Mexico way hypocrite denouncing President Trump's description of those people that enter this country illegally, rape or to spread their dope among our young...

75 results - showing 1 - 10  
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