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Reviews written by Greg Arena

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Greg ArenaGreg Arena   March 23, 2017

National security does this as a matter of course. Obama did not wiretap Trump

Greg ArenaGreg Arena   March 19, 2017

If providing Flint with the funds to fix the water supply, through the EPA, is true, then, kudos to the Trump Administration. If only Trump would keep his mouth shut(and...

Greg ArenaGreg Arena   March 13, 2017

If KellyAnne Conway is smiling and speaking, it is generally Bullcrap coming at us

Greg ArenaGreg Arena   March 07, 2017

Once agaan, honest and succinct reporting from Blabber. Way to go. As to some of the recent comments, sadly uninformed.

Greg ArenaGreg Arena   March 07, 2017

What amazes me is that the bulk of comments in this segment are people with limited vocabulary who insert profanities and insults in place of real descriptive words. ...

Greg ArenaGreg Arena   March 06, 2017

we could do without so many pundits obsessing but unfortunately Trump keeps the pipeline full of fodder

Greg ArenaGreg Arena   March 04, 2017

Trump must not have seen his nutcase pill pusher for a while. Better take a trip to NYC and visit him for meds

Greg ArenaGreg Arena   February 25, 2017

Finally, trump will keep his mouth shut

Greg ArenaGreg Arena   February 12, 2017

Have miller and the rest of the nuts prove "enormous" voter fraud.

Greg ArenaGreg Arena   January 28, 2017

How will the EPS slash help make America first for jobs

16 results - showing 1 - 10  
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