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Reviews written by Greg Arena

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Greg ArenaGreg Arena   August 08, 2017

To Jackson and Pedita, this guy probably turned Muslim in prison. If that is the case he is an American. fact check it and let me know.

Greg ArenaGreg Arena   July 05, 2017

I found this number extremely hard to believe

Greg ArenaGreg Arena   July 03, 2017

Repealing the ACA and not replacing it would prove Trumps is nuts and McConnel and Ryan are evil

Greg ArenaGreg Arena   July 02, 2017

Trump has the values of a charlatan. Worse, he sends Huckabee, Spicer and Conway on fool's errands

Greg ArenaGreg Arena   May 29, 2017

Proof that trump is a evil, ignorant person

Greg ArenaGreg Arena   May 14, 2017

Trump "being careful" about decision making is anathema to trump's modus operandi

Greg ArenaGreg Arena   April 27, 2017

Trumps base isn't smart enough to walk away

Greg ArenaGreg Arena   April 26, 2017

I have to say Trump looks nuttier and nuttier

Greg ArenaGreg Arena   April 24, 2017

Secretary Kelly, the border wall is a waste of taxpayers' money. There are any number of ancillary problems with the building of this wall, which, I expect, you don't care...

30 results - showing 1 - 10  
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