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Reviews written by Allan Scott

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Allan ScottAllan Scott   June 22, 2017

Could Williams be a socialist black man with a "twisted" mind?

Allan ScottAllan Scott   June 10, 2017

Next stop, Minnesota's Somali land.

Allan ScottAllan Scott   June 08, 2017

Just stay tuned because within a week to 10 days, Comey will be crying that both he and his family are in danger of being murdered by Trump's henchmen. ...

Allan ScottAllan Scott   June 07, 2017

What's good for the Goose is good for the Gander...Terrorism breeds terrorism and it's about time that Iran's so-called parliament get's bitten in the ass.

Allan ScottAllan Scott   May 27, 2017

Damned Sam, why isn't this old hag in prison yet or better yet shot and hung on an old tree for the crows to pick at ? Really, by...

Allan ScottAllan Scott   May 16, 2017

I wonder what would happen if someone in a very polite manner buried her alive? Any takers?

Allan ScottAllan Scott   May 14, 2017

Bull crap on Pres. Trump meeting Kim. (Say, that's a girl's name, isn't it?) Instead, little fat boy and his skinny under fed generals need to disappear in...

Allan ScottAllan Scott   May 11, 2017

has it ever occurred to you that MSN along with CNN, CNBC and especially Chuck Schummer (sp?) are subsidized by Russia to destabilize our government ? Think...

Allan ScottAllan Scott   April 26, 2017

He's a Federal Judge and doesn't even know the Constitution! This nerdy looking bombshell of a NERD shouldn't even be on the bench! Get him out...

80 results - showing 1 - 10  
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