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Reviews written by Allan Scott

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Allan ScottAllan Scott   January 12, 2017

Gee, Over-the-hill eccentric Sen. John McCain aught to love this and should go for it to make a fool of himself again! Talk about a jealous clown!

Allan ScottAllan Scott   January 11, 2017

That's funny, the intelligence agency has no knowledge of this. I guess the CLINTON NEWS NETWORK (CNN) knows more than they do. Oh, and hey...

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Allan ScottAllan Scott   December 31, 2016

Kerry is a doe-link and the UN needs to find a new home outside of the U.S.

Allan ScottAllan Scott   December 31, 2016

Well, well, well! That's the liberal rag sheets lying through their teeth again. Thank you Washington Post for being the SHIT PAPER OF THE YEAR!...

Allan ScottAllan Scott   December 29, 2016

Gee, I wonder if obama pardoned them?

Allan ScottAllan Scott   December 28, 2016

I love the way our fearless failed black leader always tells " HIS " adversaries in advance that he's going to punish them by painting another red line. ...

Allan ScottAllan Scott   December 27, 2016

Unless this mad-man can prove it, it's high time for our civilians and armed forces to leave Turkey and for the west to reconsider it's strategic importance. While...

21 results - showing 1 - 10  
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