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Reviews written by Chuck Parsons

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Chuck ParsonsChuck Parsons   April 20, 2017

What a JOKE!! Whats with the DOJ NO BALLS TO PUT HILLARY and her CORRUPT FOLLOWERS away. She is the real THREAT to this country not Assange.

Chuck ParsonsChuck Parsons   March 17, 2017

Typical Democrate !!! But should it happen it will be the Democrates fault due to their LIBERAL LIES and their LIAR LIBERAL news network CNN. It`s ok the nukes will...

Chuck ParsonsChuck Parsons   March 12, 2017

Just goes to show you that you don`t have to have an IQ to get into HARVARD the LIBERAL SANBOX SCHOOL.

Chuck ParsonsChuck Parsons   March 11, 2017

Hey Bharara LIar Hillary and the TRAITOR MUSLIM obama will probably need a CROOKED ATTORNEY very soon and if you hurry they will hire you!!!

Chuck ParsonsChuck Parsons   March 09, 2017

obama you are a LYING PIECE OF SHIT!!

Chuck ParsonsChuck Parsons   February 23, 2017

There she goes getting cans and plastic mixed up!!

Chuck ParsonsChuck Parsons   January 30, 2017

Thank you Starbucks for screwing 10,000 Americans !! Giving these jobs to migrants does not make them CITIZENS and only brings in more terrorist. You are a TRAITOR to this...

Chuck ParsonsChuck Parsons   January 29, 2017

Then who are you RADICAL MUSLIMS going to KIDNAP the Mexicans ?

Chuck ParsonsChuck Parsons   January 26, 2017

Definitely moving in the right direction.

Chuck ParsonsChuck Parsons   January 17, 2017

Stop all obamas deals with IRAN. They have showed all deals with them mean nothing but THREATING RHETORIC. They are the ENEMY and cannot be trusted. Wake up America. ...

15 results - showing 1 - 10  
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