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Reviews written by Arthur LeBeau

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Arthur LeBeauArthur LeBeau   April 25, 2017

If she is a legitimate attorney, she should be investigated and disbarred. That is one of the problems in our great Republic, we keep tolerating disgusting behavior. For...

Arthur LeBeauArthur LeBeau   April 24, 2017

I do not believe for one moment that President Trump would ever believe anything as to the legitimacy of Climate Control, he's just too smart for that even if from...

Arthur LeBeauArthur LeBeau   April 20, 2017

What everyone should surmise from this article is primarily one facet: and that is we all need to go in prayer to our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ to...

Arthur LeBeauArthur LeBeau   April 18, 2017

By now this election should be decided. I received much and many emails to support this candidate. I sent them back with a note: "Please pray to...

Arthur LeBeauArthur LeBeau   April 18, 2017

This is very "crappy" (sorry) news reporting. Why did not the writer make it very clear from the start that it was the Arkansas Supreme Court and not the...

Arthur LeBeauArthur LeBeau   April 06, 2017

I do not use foul commenting words and only ask one important thing and that is: all Christians who read please say a prayer to our Savior Jesus Christ...

Arthur LeBeauArthur LeBeau   March 22, 2017

The President has been and is fair to all races. The Black Caucus must realize they also have to be supportive and accommodating, demanding that their race and all...

Arthur LeBeauArthur LeBeau   March 19, 2017

Our government does not belong in this insurance business. Repeal it and don't let it occur again. We just have worthless representatives in Congress who have never read...

Arthur LeBeauArthur LeBeau   March 19, 2017

I firmly believe our country closely monitors North Korea (and I am sure we do) We also build our defenses to the point that no one will mess with us...

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Arthur LeBeauArthur LeBeau   March 19, 2017

I was not quite the rock band enthusiast as many were in the St. Louis area. However Chuck Berry was one to fill the "joint" when he was in...

107 results - showing 1 - 10  
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