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Reviews written by Merle Dickey

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Merle DickeyMerle Dickey   June 08, 2017

Seriously? These two jokers shouldn't even be working in DC. They don't have a full brain between the two of them !!

Merle DickeyMerle Dickey   June 04, 2017

Europe needs to get some courage and round up all the muslims and ship them back to the middle east . Innocent people are getting...

Merle DickeyMerle Dickey   May 28, 2017

Just another way to endanger the true citizens of this country . he knew exactly what he was doing . It is frightening how many radical and ...

Merle DickeyMerle Dickey   May 18, 2017

Comey better remember what he has said in the past . That Trump didn't try to interfere or ask him to stop the investigation . And if they come...

Merle DickeyMerle Dickey   May 16, 2017

I think Rosie needs a thump to the head and then wake up in a mental hospital with a straight jacket since she is DANGEROUS !!...

Merle DickeyMerle Dickey   May 09, 2017

Micheal Moore has digested so much drugs and bad foods he is insane and pathetic . I hope no one with a brain listens to him ....

Merle DickeyMerle Dickey   May 04, 2017

Leave it alone ,it will implode on it self in a years or so .

Merle DickeyMerle Dickey   May 04, 2017

Why didn't he comment on the jerks bath house boys ?Perhaps he did in his book.

Merle DickeyMerle Dickey   April 06, 2017

There is a lot of truth is what he said !! Obama never did anything in the way of stopping terrorists . Or Assad !!He deliberately weakened our military...

Merle DickeyMerle Dickey   March 27, 2017

Hopefully California will secede and we won't have to listen to their selfish insane remarks about the administration. If they don't want to have business with those...

31 results - showing 1 - 10  
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