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Reviews written by Ed Decker

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Ed DeckerEd Decker   May 02, 2017

That sorry witch could only win a Halloween contest.

Ed DeckerEd Decker   April 26, 2017

Is Anna ROMNEY McDaniel kin to Mitt Romney? She doesn't seem to be true to Pres. Trump. If she feels that way, maybe she should resign now, and...

Ed DeckerEd Decker   April 25, 2017

Build the wall, and tell the Dems that none of them will be re-elected in the next voting period. They are not True Americans and Pres. Trump...

Ed DeckerEd Decker   April 25, 2017

Destroy all mention of Barrack Obama, who is not an American Citizen, and he has hidden all of his imaginary history.

Ed DeckerEd Decker   March 15, 2017

She may be sponsored by Weight Watchers!

Ed DeckerEd Decker   March 08, 2017

Dumbness falls very close to the "tree". Sometimes I wonder if Hillary picked Tim Kaine because he appears to be dumb as a rock. If he was smart...

Ed DeckerEd Decker   March 07, 2017

He was a shill for Hillary Clinton. He works for the law firm representing Hillary, which had former associates such as the Attny General Lynch, and also FBI...

Ed DeckerEd Decker   December 12, 2016

The Governor knows full well that killing little ones before birth is "MURDER". Wake-up Governor, or resign immediately.

8 results - showing 1 - 8  


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