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Reviews written by Luba Meader

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Luba MeaderLuba Meader   April 06, 2017

Yes, this was on Trump's agenda to move our U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. WONDER IF HE'LL KEEP THAT PROMISE. So far, he hasn't.

Luba MeaderLuba Meader   March 29, 2017

Blabber Buzz, I clicked on the website and it said sorry page not available. (https://t.co/4CfCle4BP1pic.twitter.com/Gf4DIudIMH)

Luba MeaderLuba Meader   March 15, 2017

Trump is all American, having ketchup on steak is as American as they come. Oprah's frou-frou taste is that of a 1% Elitist, it's a developed taste. Trump...

Luba MeaderLuba Meader   March 15, 2017

Too bad that loser Calvin Broadus (Snoop Doggie) doesn't put his stinking effort in Chicago to help out with the mass killings there. But then again, isn't that just...

Luba MeaderLuba Meader   March 15, 2017

Now's the time for the Trump Administration to fire IRS Head and get rid of the IRS. Rachel Maddow, is a reprehensible cretin and KARMA is a bitch. ...

Luba MeaderLuba Meader   February 26, 2017

David Gregory was fired from NBC. 'Nuff said...

Luba MeaderLuba Meader   February 23, 2017

Okay folks, this article above shows just how stupid and ignorant the Liberal Left really is. 1) POTUS held a news conference in January telling the whole WORLD that...

Luba MeaderLuba Meader   February 08, 2017

One cannot defend Obamacare. Bernie Sanders is DISINGENUOUS at the very least. Being polite does not count when taking Americans under consideration. It is so expensive families are...

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Luba MeaderLuba Meader   February 06, 2017
(Updated: February 06, 2017)

Good, now line 'em up and shoot them. That's what they would do, right. Or do they behead them? Or crucify them? Or burn them alive?...

Luba MeaderLuba Meader   February 05, 2017

I learned something today, that former Obama czarina is in charge of UC Berkley, that explains it all. I cannot add any more content to this discussion. DHS...

20 results - showing 1 - 10  
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