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Reviews written by El Pauls

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El PaulsEl Pauls   April 20, 2017

The Media not only tells us who to vote for; but now they tell us what to say/think. I thought it was the job of Journalist to "report the...

El PaulsEl Pauls   April 19, 2017

MSNBC should definitely FIRE Mr. Nance. Actually Mr. Nance is a Big Problem and should be arrested.

El PaulsEl Pauls   April 11, 2017
(Updated: April 11, 2017)

You mentioned "State Supported" ; consider Federal Grants??? You also use the word Illegal; a better word would be INVADERS.

El PaulsEl Pauls   April 04, 2017

The two of them have been leaching 'off-of' an educational system that is failing America. They have no idea about how the world actually works. The USA must produce...

El PaulsEl Pauls   March 28, 2017

There is something hidden in the weeds...?

El PaulsEl Pauls   March 22, 2017

IRS shenagons', ...is the IRS seeking help from ?? If Breitbart/Infowars print errors then try CNN/CBS/NBC. I recall Obama preaching Transparency while complaining about Media,...while Hillary was hiding...

El PaulsEl Pauls   March 20, 2017

I watched the Comey/Democrat festival this AM. The whole thing looked like a FIX. The Democrat used every negative adj/noun one could imagine. I thought the show was...

El PaulsEl Pauls   March 16, 2017

Why do many support UGLY people?

El PaulsEl Pauls   March 03, 2017

When Democrats initiate a negative issue about others one can automatically assume that the issue is cover for a Democrat Issue. My Advice: Always look behind the curtain to...

El PaulsEl Pauls   March 03, 2017

CNN comments are not only hypocritical but delivered in a mean/ugly intention.

30 results - showing 1 - 10  
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