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Reviews written by Tim Wilde

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Tim WildeTim Wilde   August 13, 2017
(Updated: August 13, 2017)

Although I agree with Drudge on the failure that is the GOP. I disagree with him on Trump and Charlottesville. The left and their praetorian guard media are creating the...

Tim WildeTim Wilde   August 12, 2017

The saddest part about today's violence? It's just the beginning. The left and their sponsored thug movements including the media will create even more violence!

Tim WildeTim Wilde   August 10, 2017

Good luck with that Paul! It's becoming quite evident the vast majority of attorneys have thrown in with the leftists? Shedding their honesty and integrity to support and defend an...

Tim WildeTim Wilde   August 08, 2017

They will celebrate his great success on the south side of Chicago. His shining beacon of hope and change. Where violence and death are considered accomplishments of this unaccomplished pos!!...

Tim WildeTim Wilde   August 05, 2017

No surprise here as lyin Ryan is beholden to Soros and the globalists.

Tim WildeTim Wilde   July 26, 2017

Yes let's get immigration reform done. Kick them out!!!!

Tim WildeTim Wilde   July 25, 2017

And his plea is? Quit listening to the people who expose the truth about politicians. And quit listening to the voters who support the constitution!

Tim WildeTim Wilde   July 25, 2017

More seditious talk from the criminals!

Tim WildeTim Wilde   July 19, 2017

The answer is cold blooded murder!! The reason is giving a badge and gun to a Muslim terrorist!! I would not rely on the liberal Minn politicians to enact justice!...

Tim WildeTim Wilde   July 18, 2017
(Updated: July 18, 2017)

And now the lying liberals posing as republicans are saying no repeal! They are front and center and showing us where their true loyalties lie. And it's not with we...

246 results - showing 1 - 10  
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