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Reviews written by Tim Wilde

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Tim WildeTim Wilde   June 23, 2017

Apparently this delusional moron doesn't get why Trump is now president!

Tim WildeTim Wilde   June 19, 2017

Well Mueller is developing quite the kangaroo court for Trump!! They should all be recused!!

Tim WildeTim Wilde   June 19, 2017

This is Macrons France! They voted for him! They deserve it!!

Tim WildeTim Wilde   June 17, 2017

Well if this fire was intentional? Then they have a legitimate beef. If it was accidentally started? Then they don't plan and simple.

Tim WildeTim Wilde   June 15, 2017

Of course!he's a leftist attack dog chasing ghosts to unseat Trump! While overlooking the ever mounting evidence of lawlessness from the previous administration!! What we have here is a centralized...

Tim WildeTim Wilde   June 13, 2017

Liberals do not care about honor.?They have none! And lies are their truths! Just like you can't negotiate with terrorists! You cannot negotiate with the left! Attack them every waking...

Tim WildeTim Wilde   June 12, 2017

These anti-American scum bags just continue with their disgusting freak show acts! How about paying attention to your crime ridden cities? You two p's os!!

Tim WildeTim Wilde   June 09, 2017

Oh but the left is so tolerant? A pack of hypocrites! The gay community should embrace the right? After all we're not the ones letting in the animals that hate...

Tim WildeTim Wilde   June 08, 2017

Comey stated "he leaked in response to Trumps tweet" yet it has been proven the NYT had the leak prior to the tweet! He lied to the senate judiciary committee...

Tim WildeTim Wilde   June 06, 2017

She's a brain dead moron! That makes it even tougher to argue against pro choice advocates!

226 results - showing 1 - 10  
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