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Reviews written by Barb Brown

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Barb BrownBarb Brown   August 24, 2017

To Jim VandeHei, Chuck Todd and especially Tom Namako: Where were you when on of your own got his head split open requiring stitches by your antifa love child? All...

Barb BrownBarb Brown   August 21, 2017

Not that you would see it in the Lame Stream Media, but not one of those arrested were from the so-called "Nazis promoting hate speech'.

Barb BrownBarb Brown   August 21, 2017

Since he caused this riot with his 'stand down' order, he's being a bit hypocritical, don'cha think?

Barb BrownBarb Brown   August 18, 2017
(Updated: August 18, 2017)

They are only into 'free speech' if you espouse what they do.

Barb BrownBarb Brown   August 16, 2017
(Updated: August 16, 2017)

IF they insist that the Federal Government cannot withhold Federal funds conditioned upon 'sanctuary cities', they are dead wrong. There is a precedent in place already for the DOJ to...

Barb BrownBarb Brown   July 19, 2017

He's going to need about 500 agents each in San Francisco and Los Angeles alone. Can they include building a wall around California in with the rest of it?...

Barb BrownBarb Brown   July 05, 2017

I can see the mass exodus starting now.

Barb BrownBarb Brown   June 18, 2017
(Updated: June 18, 2017)

And this is the party of tolerance? Oh, right, I forgot, only their world view matters and everything else must be stamped out. Who's the fascists now?

Barb BrownBarb Brown   June 08, 2017

Ok, so are you going to charge Obama with treason, you wingnuts?

27 results - showing 1 - 10  
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