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Reviews written by Vern Stires

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Vern StiresVern Stires   July 05, 2017

Nolan Welch has just said what I have thought for some time.

Vern StiresVern Stires   May 15, 2017

This lawyer must be a Muslim. Why else would he make such an idiot statement. Those people in Hawaii with the signs do not have to worry about...

Vern StiresVern Stires   May 05, 2017

Not enough evidence? Are they going to deport them or just turn them loose to do it again ?

Vern StiresVern Stires   April 26, 2017

I think this judge has a seat because he was appointed by the obummer administration. I believe it is time to clean house.

Vern StiresVern Stires   April 23, 2017
(Updated: April 23, 2017)

Yeah a strike at the Carl Vincent Carrier Group would be a real show of power. Just might be his last poke at the sleeping giant. I hope...

Vern StiresVern Stires   April 18, 2017

We must have 10,000 nuclear warheads to every one he can muster We also have the means to knock his toys out of the air. Maybe we...

Vern StiresVern Stires   April 18, 2017

I thought that was a states right to determine the execution schedule not the Federal Govt. I also thought that the President was for the states to have more...

Vern StiresVern Stires   April 15, 2017
(Updated: April 15, 2017)

The little porker better read history of WWII Admiral Yamamoto warned Japan about attacking the US. And after the attack he simply stated that they had awakened a...

Vern StiresVern Stires   April 13, 2017

Assad has been proven to be a 100% liar in the past so why would I believe him now?

Vern StiresVern Stires   April 13, 2017

Why deport just throw their ass (all 3) in prison for several years. Or better yet brand a letter R on each cheek for all...

58 results - showing 1 - 10  
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