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Reviews written by Gene Smith

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Gene SmithGene Smith   September 21, 2017

Hey Doc>>>>What a superb analysis of this day by day diatribe the American people are being subjected to. Your words explain with VIVID Clarity exactly what is...

Gene SmithGene Smith   September 16, 2017

Hey Sheriff.....not a problem.....remember Obama and his (Spouse)? All they did was put their College Records in a locked up safe place so no one could see how they praised...

Gene SmithGene Smith   September 13, 2017

Show this to RYAN and the other RINOs who are not caring about WE THE PEOPLE, only their own agenda.

Gene SmithGene Smith   September 10, 2017

Hey >>>>Wait just a damned minute>>>>> is this how they plan to somehow make up for the lost Illegal votes, is this a move being made by a bunch...

Gene SmithGene Smith   September 10, 2017

What moniker is she aiming for First Female President? First Black President? Forst male(Sorta) Black President? First lGBQTGFRA President? Or perhaps all of the above?...

Gene SmithGene Smith   August 10, 2017

This is truly amazing in it's absolute stupidity. The Democrats are obstructionists and I say let them rant and rave and shut down or whatever....Perhaps that will show...

Gene SmithGene Smith   August 07, 2017

Well gee whiz Mr. Sheriff....how about you looking up this word ILLEGAL >>>and see what it means. Well at least that is what it means to the rest of...

Gene SmithGene Smith   August 05, 2017

Yes, well isn't that nice....two major Log Jammers complaining of the difficulty caused the President by Leakers. What a sick joke those two are....Good Lord, are they serious? They...

Gene SmithGene Smith   August 05, 2017

The traitors are frustrated only by their inability to make President Trump look bad to the majority. Hopefully there will be a day of reckoning for them....they should...

Gene SmithGene Smith   July 01, 2017

This to me seems backward to solving the p roblem. If they were to just pass a law that ALL voters have a PHOTO ID to vote....that would...

15 results - showing 1 - 10  
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