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Reviews written by Sid Real

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Sid RealSid Real   April 26, 2017

They will stand before the living God and give an account of their absolute madness!

Sid RealSid Real   April 23, 2017

They bitch about Christians having prayer or a Bible study is such places - all I see is Hippocrates. ISLAM has no business in our schools on any level....

Sid RealSid Real   April 19, 2017

Time to send all liberals to the Islamic country of their choice. Of course a one way ticket only, and after their stupid ass is oppressed for a moth...

Sid RealSid Real   April 13, 2017

Time has turned into s rag. AMERICANS not Russia put President Trump into office and we will fight to keep him there. Time can cram it!

Sid RealSid Real   March 07, 2017

My question is the Media really competent to report actual news? I THINK NOT!

Sid RealSid Real   March 04, 2017

Stay home limy WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE!

Sid RealSid Real   February 24, 2017

Too bad Georgie boy America has chosen Trump and now maybe they should beam you-up to a place where there is no intelligent life.

Sid RealSid Real   February 23, 2017

Maybe they will keep him? I hope!

Sid RealSid Real   February 21, 2017

All murders will stand before the one true God of heaven and answer. No one more innocent then an unborn baby! This woman has a love affair with...

Sid RealSid Real   February 21, 2017

There is nothing he did I want to read about, I lived it. This man needs to go away. His legacy is nothing to brag about and I...

38 results - showing 1 - 10  
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