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Reviews written by Danny Stone

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Danny StoneDanny Stone   April 20, 2017

Assange did a service by letting out Clinton and DNC emails. Pompao seems like a same O Same O elitist who so far sounds like he comes from the FBI's...

Danny StoneDanny Stone   April 05, 2017

This is the type of thing our government should be spending time and resources on to find the facts. If Soros is involved then he is a part of a...

Danny StoneDanny Stone   April 04, 2017

CNN bringing in their attack dog Cuomo! It doesn't get any more stupid than this guy. He is so dumb he doesn't get what he says!

Danny StoneDanny Stone   March 27, 2017

Finally a cause the Dems can win. This is a cause that the Dems can practice on how to win something. To bad so many nut job Demos are...

Danny StoneDanny Stone   March 19, 2017

Bring down ICE and check ID'S I for one dont care if illegals or legals for that matter don't like Trump. If you are legal then protest all you...

Danny StoneDanny Stone   March 17, 2017

Easy answer here . Impeach these judges who are not following the rule of law !#

Danny StoneDanny Stone   March 17, 2017

These judges need to follow the laws of the land. It is safer and much less expensive to take custody as judge finishes case.

Danny StoneDanny Stone   March 15, 2017

Another example of the kind of rift raft that ult-left attracts. These pepole even qualify to vote! Sic... .

Danny StoneDanny Stone   March 15, 2017

Rachel is mad at Trump and most all men because men are in competition with her for a date. Rachel's whole life is backwards she works for one off the...

Danny StoneDanny Stone   March 13, 2017

I've got a better idea fine big fat ugly women who are so repulsive that men can't perform out of being scared that someone will find out and make fun...

15 results - showing 1 - 10  
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