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Reviews written by Rj Stoker

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Rj StokerRj Stoker   August 12, 2017

What role and connection did Robert Mueller have in the sale of uranium to Russia??? Trump as a real estate mogul bought and sold properties internationally for years,...

Rj StokerRj Stoker   July 25, 2017

Hey, Wolfsthal, Did you forget about Obama's Service Corps, his brownshirt youth group. Stop with your myopic bull puckey.

Rj StokerRj Stoker   July 25, 2017

Win by any means necessary, the end justifies the means, regardless. Mr. Schumer, your party has no plan once you get there, should that ever happen. You are unable to...

Rj StokerRj Stoker   July 04, 2017

We all know the story of the frog and the scorpion crossing the the creek. Alas, why would anyone listen to Obama, we and everyone else know what he is....

Rj StokerRj Stoker   June 19, 2017

People like Kathy Griffin(D) wake up daily with the intent of how best to be a victim that day. One of the symptoms of democratitus. Several others, like entitlement, we...

Rj StokerRj Stoker   June 16, 2017

If Pelosi"s job was "at will", how long do you think she would last? She appears to suffer from alcoholic neuritis and the dementia that can follow.

Rj StokerRj Stoker   June 12, 2017

Gingrich is correct, GOP should drop Special Counsel Mueller. Trump was vindicated, and it is time to get on with business of running the country. Mueller and Comey were best...

Rj StokerRj Stoker   May 25, 2017

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Genetics................

Rj StokerRj Stoker   May 21, 2017

Weasel was not a bad characterization, just forgotten ???

Rj StokerRj Stoker   May 16, 2017

Produce the proof of your charges. Stop with innuendo, or obviously false or fake information. Stop hiding behind anonymous sources. If any of what you claim had any truth....

31 results - showing 1 - 10  
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