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Reviews written by Leslie Guzik

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Leslie GuzikLeslie Guzik   March 15, 2017

Put the UN in Switzerland where they always remain neutral on things. The US gives too much money to this crooked, phony institution. Get it out of here and put...

Leslie GuzikLeslie Guzik   February 25, 2017

So many people in this country need help but you are going to hire refugees. Well, ain't that just dandy?

Leslie GuzikLeslie Guzik   January 19, 2017

CNN has lost its mind. To even mention such a thing is disgusting. I am a union member for almost fifty years and I am ashamed of this kind of...

Leslie GuzikLeslie Guzik   January 19, 2017

I do not hate Obama but to consider him the most admired man in America is only the opinion of Democrats.

4 results - showing 1 - 4  


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