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Reviews written by Jolene Ecker

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Jolene EckerJolene Ecker   April 30, 2017

Liberal hoax started by Gore to make money...and boy did he make alot of money at taxpayers expense...evil, evil genius...js

Jolene EckerJolene Ecker   April 30, 2017

Workers over 40 have lost their jobs to younger people for years...you spend all your life at your workplace and they just throw you away and there's nothing you can...

Jolene EckerJolene Ecker   March 20, 2017

If prayers made someone feel unwelcome at public meetings...Hmmm...suck it up buttercup...they don't last long ...

Jolene EckerJolene Ecker   March 06, 2017

Just another excuse to take off work because they're lazy...getting paid too much for doing nothing anyways...imo

Jolene EckerJolene Ecker   March 05, 2017

As long as the liberals keep messing with our gov't, all the other gov'ts of the world are having a good old time at our expense...It's bad enough Obama embarrassed...

Jolene EckerJolene Ecker   March 01, 2017

Now you see pure evil with your own eyes...may God have mercy on their souls...

Jolene EckerJolene Ecker   February 22, 2017

It's like this...they either pay like they're supposed to or we're done defending them and they will be on their own...good luck with that!

Jolene EckerJolene Ecker   February 16, 2017

My husband and I have worked all of our lives but now we're disabled at 56...they say that we can't get Medicaid or any help as we make too much...

8 results - showing 1 - 8  


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