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Reviews written by Woodrow Pea

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Woodrow PeaWoodrow Pea   February 28, 2017

Michael Moore is an idiot. Why does ANYBODY pay any attention to him? He is guilty of sedition and should be tried and convicted. USMC...

Woodrow PeaWoodrow Pea   February 17, 2017

I wonder why George thinks that we shouldn't deport illegal aliens who steal American jobs back to their home countries? I don't see anybody asking to deport all aliens,...

Woodrow PeaWoodrow Pea   February 14, 2017

Can anybody tell me if the decisions by the 9th Circuit Court are binding on the whole country or whether they just apply to the area over which the 9th...

Conservative Blabber
Woodrow PeaWoodrow Pea   February 11, 2017

Another good reason not to listen to Bill Maher. Too bad we can't deport him and others of his ilk. USMC 1970-1974 Semper Fi...

Woodrow PeaWoodrow Pea   February 08, 2017

The ONLY reason I use Facebook is because several of my friends use it. USMC 1970-1974 Semper Fi.

Woodrow PeaWoodrow Pea   February 08, 2017

Who really cares about Twitter? I don't know ANYONE who uses it. This is just another good reason NOT to use their service. USMC 1970-1974...

Woodrow PeaWoodrow Pea   February 02, 2017

Those of us who live in California and still retain our sanity, deplore this action. Hopefully, enough of us will be willing to fight it and get it stopped....

Woodrow PeaWoodrow Pea   February 02, 2017

It may not be a Marine Corps style salute but, Trump is showing respect by returning the Marine's salute. Did Obama ever do as much? And,...

Woodrow PeaWoodrow Pea   January 20, 2017

Who cares what he thinks? I hope a bunch of black entertainers perform and tell him to FO. USMC 1970-1974 Semper Fi

Woodrow PeaWoodrow Pea   January 20, 2017
(Updated: January 20, 2017)

Is this idiot Moore really as stupid as he appears? And, the same question applies to all those "celebrities" who agree with him. We would be better off...

10 results - showing 1 - 10  


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