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Reviews written by Rod Carveth

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Rod CarvethRod Carveth   June 11, 2017

Michael -- Voter registration fraud is NOT voter fraud. They are totally different.

Rod CarvethRod Carveth   May 07, 2017

And, Clinton's tweet was "disgusting" because ... ?

Rod CarvethRod Carveth   April 17, 2017

Fantastic move. The crap on InfoWars is worthless at best, dangerous at worst.

Rod CarvethRod Carveth   March 13, 2017

The footage was never released publicly. That is what made it news. The notion that the documentary is "fake" is an editorial judgment by The Last Refuge, not...

Rod CarvethRod Carveth   March 12, 2017

The list does not target conservative sites. It is just that most of the fake and unreliable sites are conservative ones who engage in alternative facts.

Rod CarvethRod Carveth   March 07, 2017

Two things -- 1) These numbers were published by the Media Research Center, so they are false (the MRC does not produce actual research). 2) Even if they were...

Rod CarvethRod Carveth   March 05, 2017

Misleading headline. There's not one shred of evidence that President Obama ordered or had someone else order wiretapping of Trump. Trump has not provided any. It is a...

Rod CarvethRod Carveth   February 27, 2017

When all is said and done, it will be found that there were no illegal votes, and all this was administrative error, as happens in almost all cases. Great...

Rod CarvethRod Carveth   February 25, 2017

As usual, a charge by a member of the alt-right with NO proof.

14 results - showing 1 - 10  
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