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CorsicaCorsica   March 30, 2017

Trump promised to abolish the IRS, the biggest criminal organization! What is this "tax deal" bs?

CorsicaCorsica   March 25, 2017

The UK doesn't even use the Euro. They kept the Pound so why should they stay in the European Union? Makes it easier for them to leave. Europe has been...

CorsicaCorsica   March 22, 2017

The sponsor of the bill is Del. Maurice Morales. Oh gee, go figure. Good that the governor will veto the bill. Are there no native born Americans in Maryland that...

CorsicaCorsica   March 22, 2017

Aww the delicate former student said he felt "unwelcome" when the school board prayed before the meeting? What, did the school board all stare at him and pray, "We ask...

CorsicaCorsica   March 21, 2017

What fkg "values" is Shezeznooski (the Vanderbilt student) talking about? Wendy's is not a farm so they have no control over "farmworker human rights". Let these nobodies go to...

CorsicaCorsica   March 20, 2017

The police depts refused to cooperate with immigration detainers? Fire them all along with the mayor and city council and bring in the State Police.

CorsicaCorsica   March 20, 2017

Send the military to these sanctuary cities and have them drag out the mayors and city councils that support sanctuary and turn over control to generals and colonels. Ah, wishful...

CorsicaCorsica   March 20, 2017

Dunham is a filthy slut and a receptacle that girls, who are so inclined like her, champion and revere.

CorsicaCorsica   March 20, 2017

A majority of young adults today couldn't tell you where or what Greenland is. Someone said way back in the '80's that an 8th grader in the year 1900 learned...

CorsicaCorsica   March 19, 2017

Yeah Franken is funny. Like a chimp on a tricycle. Franken is a cross-eyed, drooling retard.

33 results - showing 1 - 10  
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