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CorsicaCorsica   May 25, 2017

"Thought leader"? Really? Bwaahaahaahaaaa! That's too hilarious. One thing I've wondered about Chelsea is why she doesn't look like either one of her parents.

CorsicaCorsica   May 23, 2017

Goldberg and Behar are dusty old crones who can't get a date and think they're authorities on every subject. Whoopi looks dirty with those braids and wearing the same white...

CorsicaCorsica   May 21, 2017

There are death squads in El Salvador that are killing MS-13 gang members because the government doesn't do anything. Those squads can't wait to get their hands on the little...

CorsicaCorsica   May 21, 2017

But it's ok to give you $5 million in foreign aid last year and 5 million more planned for 2017 huh Maduro, you mulatto pos? You need a bullet...

CorsicaCorsica   May 21, 2017

No, fk you, John Burton! Fk you twice! Got any friends? Fk them too! (Gotta respond in kind).

CorsicaCorsica   May 17, 2017

Yeah and I've made a comedy short called 'Fat-ass 24/7'. It ends Michael Moore.

CorsicaCorsica   May 13, 2017

Yeah Michelle, nothing like the crap you forced kids to eat when you were in the WH. Please disappear from public view like right now.

CorsicaCorsica   May 11, 2017

Well what do you expect from a network owned by Disney that champions homosexuality, perversion, intolerance of any views but theirs and trumpeting how vile and racist this country is....

CorsicaCorsica   May 07, 2017

"Venezuela Starving: Citizens Lose Avg 19 Pounds". B-b-b-but how can this be? We (the US) gave Venezuela $2,139,104 in foreign aid in 2016. (See foreignassistance.gov, you'll shit when...

CorsicaCorsica   May 06, 2017

This pseudo-comedian insulted Trump because Trump insulted a friend of his. Sounds a bit homo-ish. Couldn't this friend defend himself? Colbert is a smug, unfunny pos. He looks like a...

59 results - showing 1 - 10  
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