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CorsicaCorsica   July 21, 2017

This hatchet-faced, miserable, rampant hag could never be president. Notice in the article how she makes a reference to slavery. This will never end with blacks. They will always scream...

CorsicaCorsica   July 11, 2017

Well if they didn't act like apes.......actually apes are noble majestic beasts. Blacks are not. This is another example of the perpetually offended blacks who make up racism when...

CorsicaCorsica   July 11, 2017

Where are all the legal immigrants past and present that had to jump through hoops, paying thousands in fees and waiting YEARS to be allowed to immigrate to this country?...

CorsicaCorsica   July 02, 2017

"Pretty pathetic" - Bernie Sanders' comment on the accusations. Yeah like most of the comments he makes on every issue. Goddam matsa crist.

CorsicaCorsica   June 27, 2017

The narrator says these Sudanese "migrants" are fed up with being held in Italian detention centers? It has to be a thousand percent better than the shit hole they came...

CorsicaCorsica   June 26, 2017

Not siding with the rioters, who should have had flamethrowers turned on them, but if the police say there were no spinal injuries on Da Costa then what did he...

CorsicaCorsica   June 20, 2017

Wilmore is a snotty, yellow-skinned racist nig ger.

CorsicaCorsica   June 17, 2017

Hasn't the Afghan army learned anything yet? Why the fk is there this constant talk about "training and advising"? It's been 16 fkg years for fk's sake! Are they that...

CorsicaCorsica   June 15, 2017

This rampant hag needs to be yanked by the hair and pushed down the Capitol steps. This fkg bitch is calling Republicans sanctimonious? Yikes, this old crone's middle name is...

CorsicaCorsica   June 04, 2017

Hope to hear soon that this rank bitch committed suicide.

74 results - showing 1 - 10  
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