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Reviews written by Terence Earl

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Terence EarlTerence Earl   May 05, 2017
(Updated: May 05, 2017)

Globalists must feel confident that they can use Muslim immigration to destroy European cultures to gain total control of these nations and then deal with the Muslims afterwards. It's make...

Terence EarlTerence Earl   April 21, 2017

Google needs to be put out of business for the good of mankind.

Terence EarlTerence Earl   April 16, 2017

Fire DeBlaaaaaaaaaahhzio. Make New York great again!!!!

Terence EarlTerence Earl   March 21, 2017

Political activism needs to be ended in our colleges and schools. These are supposed to be schools, and the students should be suspended for these actions and the colleges should...

Terence EarlTerence Earl   March 16, 2017
(Updated: March 16, 2017)

Sounds like the FREE education that Bernie (WHACKO) Sanders and Hildabeast promised!!! Wonder how many of these moochers were also political activists who destroyed stuff in marches also?...

Terence EarlTerence Earl   March 13, 2017

They will allow other nations to do absentee voting there too. hahahaahaha That state is in ruins.

Terence EarlTerence Earl   February 02, 2017
(Updated: February 02, 2017)

500 Million in annual donations and over 250 million of it in government tax money??? It's time to give some children a good spanking Better yet a jail cell and...

Terence EarlTerence Earl   January 31, 2017
(Updated: January 31, 2017)

California has been lost to just too many liberals and foreigners for anything to be done to fix this disaster. I'm afraid that the natural born citizens will slowly have...

Terence EarlTerence Earl   January 25, 2017

Great and no more climate fraud milking of our money please!!!

Terence EarlTerence Earl   January 23, 2017

Why not fired? These people wind up getting promoted down the road.

10 results - showing 1 - 10  


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