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Reviews written by Jere Joiner

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Jere JoinerJere Joiner   March 27, 2017

Democrats will do everything they can to delay the appointment. That's because there are several key cases they would like the court to consider while it's short one justice. A...

Jere JoinerJere Joiner   March 26, 2017

Total BS on the part of Clinton, Schumer and the Democrats. We just better hope McConnell had been fertizing his crotch the past few weeks. He's gonna need a pair...

Jere JoinerJere Joiner   March 19, 2017
(Updated: March 19, 2017)

The country with the best cyber technology is likely to win the war today. If we know where Kim is, we can take him out. Remember, though, that North Koreans...

Jere JoinerJere Joiner   March 16, 2017

There is a coming battle in this country between the radical left and common sense right. I call it a battle for the soul of America and think the former...

Jere JoinerJere Joiner   March 12, 2017
(Updated: March 12, 2017)

This is what's wrong with tea baggers -- it's their way or the highway. They forget or don't care what Reagan said, that he would rather get 80 percent of...

Jere JoinerJere Joiner   March 11, 2017

Watch the obstructionist Democrats. I wouldn't be surprised to see them drag out replacement confirmations as long as possible. Never mind that Obama did the same thing. What's sauce for...

Jere JoinerJere Joiner   March 10, 2017

Stunned! Shocked really, that Barack Obama's IRS would do such a thing. Actually, it wasn't the IRS per se that did this, just the political hacks hired to work there....

Jere JoinerJere Joiner   March 09, 2017

The Left is drawing a razor across its collective throat. Can't happen soon enough, from my perspective.

Jere JoinerJere Joiner   March 09, 2017
(Updated: March 09, 2017)

Something needs to happen to this guy. Earthquake, flood, meteorite, tornado, some natural disaster. He's gone on long enough. Hey, I understand he's related to Kim Jong Un. There, that...

Jere JoinerJere Joiner   March 08, 2017

My father would be most concerned if one of his sons was involved in civil disobedience. I guess that's the difference in Republicans and Democrats today. Republicans work within the...

36 results - showing 1 - 10  
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